Romantic Beaches For Couples To Visit In Phuket Province

Associating Phuket with crowded beaches is entirely wrong perception. Did you know that there are nearly 30 beaches here, where you can find true solitude and relaxation? Make an effort to drive away from the famous beaches, and these hidden beaches are waiting to be discovered.

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The following beaches are must visit when in Phuket.

  1. Kata Noi Beach

It is a 700 m long bliss. Relax, drench in the waves and soak the sun the whole day. A small beach by all standards but it is quite a hit amongst the travellers. The water and the lush green jungle in the background make it a big attraction. From December to April especially, the water is calm and rejuvenating.

  1. Panesa Beach

Just north of Surin Beach lies Paesa Beach on the west coast. Lined by coconut and other exotic trees, the turquoise waters of this 400 m long beach are inviting. A small rocky cape separates the Panesa Beach from the more popular Surin Beach. Do visit here when in Phuket.

  1. Naithin Beach

A beach that is mostly undiscovered by the tourists is an ideal spot to stay away from the maddening crowd of Phuket. Enjoy a quiet swim and soak yourself in the sun here at Naithin Beach. The coastline along with the virgin forest makes it a perfect beauty.

  1. Nai Yang Beach

Part of the Sirinath National Park; come here to sit in the sun or the frequent rains. The northern area of the Nai Yang Beach is the favourite amongst the tourists. The place has a commercial tint to it. Families, friends or couples enjoying a short party here is a common sight. Weekends are busy days here.  Enjoy the Thai dishes, drinks and fruits here when on Nai Yang Beach.

Therefore, this is how your ideal beach holiday will look like in Phuket. Discover beaches that are truly hidden gems in all sense. Convenient Spirit Airlines Flights are available for this sun-soaked vacation.

Must-see Sights to Explore in Hong Kong with Spirit Airlines

Hong Kong is more than a financial hub of Asia. It has numerous cultural offerings of the colonial era, and the busy streets have a lot to offer to the visitors. Spending time in Hong Kong will make you realize that there are ample things to do here. It has a unique attraction of its own, the amalgamation of the old and the new.

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We have a list for you, of the best tourist attractions to visit when in Hong Kong.

  1. The Peak

The highest point of the Island provides you with the best view of the city. The skyscrapers and the towers as well the mountains, the picture is stunning.  You can reach here through the Peak Tram, and the ride will be fun-filled.

  1. The Big Buddha

Also called Tian Tan Buddha, is Hong Kong’s most recognizable landmark. It took 12 years to build and is 34 meters high. To reach the statue, you go through the 268 step route. The Po Lin Monastery nearby is also a must visit.

  1. LanKawi Fong

LKF for short, it is a place for unlimited fun. The Fridays and Saturdays see the most action here. The pubs and the restaurants here are the reason enough to party all night and chill. From the locals to the expats and the tourists, it is almost like a big party place in the evenings until the wee hours of the morning.

  1. Man Mo Temple

A national monument dedicated to Man Cheong who was the God of Literature and Mo Tai, the God of War. The two deities are worshipped often more by the students. It is a mid-19th-century temple. Visit here to find a few relaxing moments away from the hustle and bustle of the busy island.

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Popular Skating Destinations in Dubai

Selecting the right skate location makes all the difference between a good and a great skate session. Apart from the presence of rails, ramps and ledges to grind, a superior skate spot also has its own local community that guides, supports and dares you to set free you inner passion for skating. If you are in Dubai and looking for the top skate locations here, then go through the below mentioned points:

  • Bay Avenue Skate Park: Concealed behind the busy Bay Avenue shopping mall, the Bay Avenue skate park is built surrounding flourishing green gardens and a jogging track. The park is somewhat small but still it offers an enchanting feel to the guests. The skate park has ramps to drop in addition to ledges, slopes and rails to grind and cut up. Open to skaters of all ages and experience, this mid location makes it easy to access while being one of the best kept skate secrets in the city.
  • Rage Bowl: This is a popular skate destination that is popular among the community. This air-conditioned indoor skate space allows novices and experts take on the misleadingly tricky bowl that is easy to get started on while being demanding enough to master. Its passionate fans swear by it, as expert skateboarding instructors there are happy to guide novices on their first drop in.

  • Al Mamzar Skate Park: Located close to Sharjah features many open spaces and tracks to skate about. At the heart of it all is a humongous 12-foot concrete half-pipe that pushes your skate skills to the border. With a comprehensive atmosphere, skaters of all ages and know-how levels are invited here.
  • XDubai Skate Park: This extensive 3100 square-metre park comprises separate skate zones for skaters of diverse skill levels. Banks, quarter pipes, ledges, blocks, rails flawlessly connect for nonstop skate runs. The biggest feature however is its demanding Pro Bowl that is 3.2m deep.

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