Popular Skating Destinations in Dubai

Selecting the right skate location makes all the difference between a good and a great skate session. Apart from the presence of rails, ramps and ledges to grind, a superior skate spot also has its own local community that guides, supports and dares you to set free you inner passion for skating. If you are in Dubai and looking for the top skate locations here, then go through the below mentioned points:

  • Bay Avenue Skate Park: Concealed behind the busy Bay Avenue shopping mall, the Bay Avenue skate park is built surrounding flourishing green gardens and a jogging track. The park is somewhat small but still it offers an enchanting feel to the guests. The skate park has ramps to drop in addition to ledges, slopes and rails to grind and cut up. Open to skaters of all ages and experience, this mid location makes it easy to access while being one of the best kept skate secrets in the city.
  • Rage Bowl: This is a popular skate destination that is popular among the community. This air-conditioned indoor skate space allows novices and experts take on the misleadingly tricky bowl that is easy to get started on while being demanding enough to master. Its passionate fans swear by it, as expert skateboarding instructors there are happy to guide novices on their first drop in.

  • Al Mamzar Skate Park: Located close to Sharjah features many open spaces and tracks to skate about. At the heart of it all is a humongous 12-foot concrete half-pipe that pushes your skate skills to the border. With a comprehensive atmosphere, skaters of all ages and know-how levels are invited here.
  • XDubai Skate Park: This extensive 3100 square-metre park comprises separate skate zones for skaters of diverse skill levels. Banks, quarter pipes, ledges, blocks, rails flawlessly connect for nonstop skate runs. The biggest feature however is its demanding Pro Bowl that is 3.2m deep.

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